I guide those who are ready to feel good again.

Barb Woods, Health Coach

Go Keto Clean

Group Health Coaching to renew your vitality and lose weight with the keto diet in a way that is healthy and sustainable!

Ketogenic diets, commonly referred to as “keto” are all the rage. Everyone has an opinion on whether eating keto is good for you or whether you can lose weight and keep it off. If you have searched for information on ‘going keto’, things might have become rather confusing, especially with all the keto products out there.

The truth is a keto lifestyle can help reverse obesity, metabolic disease and type 2 diabetes and is therapeutic for other conditions including some autoimmune conditions, some skin conditions, neurodegenerative disorders and some types of cancer. This is especially true when a person creates a lifestyle that includes eating healthy real foods that also encourage a state of ketosis as well as incorporating stress reduction, restorative sleep and physical movement.

Hey, I’ve been there! I had thought I was eating a healthy diet, but I kept gaining weight and more and more chronic conditions cropping up. With step-by-step diet and lifestyle changes, I was able to get off my medicines and REVERSE asthma, chronic cough, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, pre-diabetes, skin rashes and FLC – that’s Feel Like Crap! With what I learned and with my training, I now help others do the same.

Learn to live a Keto Clean lifestyle as you are guided into it in a healthy and sustainable way. Many of my clients are losing 1 to 3 pounds a week but more importantly they have more energy and zest for life! And they are able to do this without the pain of being hungry.

Don’t worry – I’m not selling any supplements or meal replacement powders or anything like that. What I do is walk beside you as you make the adjustments that you wish to make to add nutritiously dense very-low carb foods, movement and mindfulness to your lifestyle – at your own pace and without judgement.

I am a Certified ADAPT Functional Health Coach and also a Cooking Instructor, specializing in cooking with real foods and healthy fats and for those who need to avoid food sensitivities.

In addition to my support as the Health Coach, it is the support, accountability and overall synergy of the group which enhances positive outcomes. Know that you are not alone in this journey to health and vitality!

Are you ready to feel good again? Contact me for a no obligation phone or video consultation. All meetings are done via Zoom from the comfort of your own home. (We will practice with the technology during the initial consultation – it’s easy.)

During our meetings, I present information to help you with your goals, whether transitioning to a whole foods ketogenic diet, reducing stress, increasing movement or enhancing sleep.

But if information is all you need to have a healthy lifestyle, you can have information with a click on your Internet browser, right? I will guide you to focus in on WHAT you want to do and HOW you can go about doing it and most importantly, WHY it is important to you to make changes. 

By the end of each group coaching meeting you will have a clear understand what to eat to succeed with eating Keto Clean. You will also create your personal next step for the next week. This might be food related or another lifestyle enhancement. Sometimes this can be just thinking about something or reading more about it. Most likely it will be an action step that will move you closer and closer to your vision of your ideal wellness.

12 weeks of group coaching plus 2 personal coaching sessions.

Why 12 weeks? It takes time to turn new actions into a habit that will be a sustainable lifestyle. You are not alone in this journey to wellness.

Don’t worry – if you need to miss a meeting, you may obtain the information presented by reading that week’s module. 

Group coaching sessions are 90 minutes long and are held once a week for 12 weeks. Your individual sessions of 30 – 40 minutes will be scheduled at a convenient time.

Group size is limited to 8. I have new groups beginning frequently.

In addition, two personal coaching sessions of 30 – 40 minutes will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Message me to arrange a free initial consultation to answer your questions and determine which group fits your schedule. I can’t wait to talk with you!

$280.00 for the 12 week group program and 2 personal coaching sessions. This is just $20 per session! Payment can be made by installments if that is easier for you. (Your initial call is no charge.)

Next group is on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 PM CT beginning June 15, 2021

Coaching for Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Habits

Health Coaching

I’m here for people who have struggled to implement difficult diet and lifestyle changes. These may have been recommended by their doctors or maybe they have just decided “it is time”. 

Sometimes change can be hard. I help people create new healthy habits – at their own pace and in a supportive, empathetic and non-judgmental environment.

If improving your diet is your focus, I’ll help you implement those changes in a way that you won’t be hungry and will be able to cut those cravings once and for all.

If you need to avoid certain foods because of sensitivities or allergies, I can help you learn how to do that with delicious alternatives. I have several food sensitivities myself, so I understand the frustrations and challenges this brings. You can still eat out and you can still enjoy food with friends and family.

I empower people to take control of their happiness and well-being.

Each session is focused on your needs and what you wish to accomplish. Personalized coaching sessions are typically 30 – 45 minutes long and I find it is best to talk once a week, especially when we begin working together. 

Meetings are via a video call or by phone. I have flexible hours to meet your scheduling needs.

Message me for a free and no obligation call to answer your questions and determine whether coaching with me is what you need now.

$40.00 per coaching session
(initial call is no charge)

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