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Barb Woods, Health Coach

Laughter is
GOOD for You!

Don’t we feel so good after a belly laugh? Turns out laughing is very good FOR us too!

  • Laughing can lift our mood within minutes by releasing endorphins. 
  • Laughing helps reduce stress and strengthens the immune system. 
  • Laughing improves our brain and body functions by bringing in more oxygen, increasing our energy and performance. 
  • Laughing together enhances our sense of connection with others.
  • Laughter may even relieve pain by stimulating the body to release its own natural painkillers. (See this Mayo Clinic article.) 

But how often do we actually have a good hearty laugh? 

The thing is – our body and mind do not know the difference between spontaneous laughter and intentional laughter. We get the same benefits from both because the cardiovascular, respiratory and beneficial hormone response is the same either way. 

This is why I have trained to be a Group Laughter Leader. As a Health Coach, my mission is to help people take control of their health as they navigate the difficult process of behavioral change through my supportive and non-judgmental coaching. Bringing more joy to our life is so beneficial in this process.

Group Laughter is not comedy. I have never been one who could tell a joke well. But I do know how to help you laugh!

Laugh with Barb

Group Laughter is an exercise program that begins with intentional laughter, exercises of childlike movements and deep breaths. This soon evolves into spontaneous laughter. 

Laughing is contagious! When you see each other’s happy faces and hear their laughter, you can’t help laugh along. 

We finish our time together with a cool down including deep breathing and relaxation to bring the joy within.

Participants report feeling peaceful, and at the same time, energized after a Laughter Happy Half-hour. 

Group Laughter is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness; however, it does provide exercise which may increase heart rate and respiration. Participants should be aware of their own responses, participate at a level that is appropriate for them and not strain or laugh forcefully. Just let it be fun and enjoyable.

I offer FREE Laughter Happy Half-hour each month on the first Tuesday at 9:30 am CT (that’s Chicago time). It is about 30 minutes of a feel good time.

Everyone is welcome! This happy half-hour is happy giggles and gentle movements that you can do from your chair. We meet virtually through Zoom from wherever you are. 

Register below and get the links to join.

I’ll ask you to sign a waiver and liability release and then will put you on my list to email you each week with the link to join the Laughter Happy Half-hour. This email goes out on Monday the day before and you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you don’t receive the email, please check your promotions or junk email folder just in case it landed in there and add me to your contacts so that that I can make it to your Inbox from then on. 🙂 

Please message me at least 15 minutes before our Laughter Happy Half-hour if you need any help with the technology. I am happy to help. However once class begins, I won’t be able to stop to assist. 

I also offer Group Laughter for community organizations and businesses for enhancing connections, team-building, ice-breaking and providing a break. Even a short Group Laughter is fabulous for releasing stress and re-energizing. See below for more information for booking me for you next event.

Laugh with Barb

Laughter Happy Half-hour

Group Laughter for Events, Community Gatherings and Business Meetings

Group Laughter is a unique and effective tool for enhancing connections, team building, ice breaking and for providing a break for releasing stress and re-energizing.

This can be provided virtually or in person, depending on the current regulations regarding safety with COVID.

Your cost depends on the location and length of session. (I am in central Illinois.) Contact me with what you have in mind and we will work out the details.

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