I guide those who are ready to feel good again.

Barb Woods, Health Coach

Are you ready to feel good again?

What Barb's coaching clients have to say:

“Barb has shown me that health and fitness are more than just outward appearance. Through learning modules, deep conversations and realistic goal setting, I have come to have a deeper connection with my mind, body and spirit. It has been a gift to work with Barb, and to learn and develop better lifelong health.”

Megan H

“Barb has done a wonderful job helping me make behavioral changes and make short term goals that are achievable. While I didn’t have any serious health problems, her eating plan has helped me feel better and has been very successful in helping me lose weight! She does a great job of explaining WHY certain foods are good or are not good for you. This has helped me stick to the plan!”

Wendy C

“Barb has helped me get on the right track in my healing journey! She thoroughly listens to my health challenges and offers guidance and support. Since I have Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, I was searching for support while on the Auto-Immune Protocol, AIP diet. I’m so thankful our paths crossed! She has shared valuable resources, delicious recipes, and helped me find a functional medicine doctor in my area.

I highly recommend Barb as your health coach! She’s the best!”

Alexis L

“Barb has done an amazing job healing her own body by studying nutrition and learning what our bodies need, to fuel them each day.
Her program does not involve eating expensive foods purchased from a company looking to make money.  
Barb is very caring and passionate about helping her clients achieve good health and to feel good in their bodies.  If you are looking for somebody to partner with on this path to healing, I highly recommend Barb Woods.  Your body will thank you!”

Lisa P

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“I am so grateful to have been included in Barb’s Health Coaching program!  I have learned so much!  She continues to surprise me every week with research and facts that show me how false my beliefs have been about living a healthy life.  

It is taking me some time to integrate all I have learned, although Barb also has provided some tools which have helped me quickly make changes to my habits.  I have been able to lose weight slowly and consistently, which is my preference.  I have more energy and am losing the “procrastination” that used to hold me back from completing tasks.  

I encourage anyone with an interest in improving their well-being to participate in her program!  It is well worth it!”


“Barb brings the best out of her clients by acting as an encouraging leader throughout the 12-week health coaching process. Her teaching style is calm, kind, and genuine as she shares curriculum backed by science as well as her own experiences. 

Each class provides one and a half hours of “instruction” including lecture, sharing time, and a chance to make weekly individualized, attainable goals before class ends. After class we are encouraged to dig further into the curriculum which, includes links to articles, documentaries, and podcasts for those who would really like more information. 

This program gave me the focus and structure to learn at my own level, as well as pace, to incorporate the newly presented information into life as it made sense for me. 

Barb really cares for her clients and allows us to direct our own plan by encouraging ‘progress versus perfection’ making it simple to succeed.”

Debbie P

Are you ready to talk with Barb?

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